Our Services

In Yaw Ngiap, we understand that service, quality, time and price are important to our clients. That is why we provide services from the initial prototyping to assembly and testing, where our stringent QC ensure that the quality of our product adheres to your requirements, all under one roof. By doing so, we not only help to save time, we also help to reduce the manufacturing cost incurred, thereby improving your bottom line.


Fabrication is the art of building components by utilizing processes such as cutting, bending, welding and many more. It is a value added process that results in the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. Fabricating is the foundation of our company; hence we take steps to make sure that the products we fabricate are of the best quality using the modern machines we possess in our factory. With decades of experience under its belt, Yaw Ngiap specializes in fabricating materials such as steel and stainless steel to create high quality products that go beyond our customers’ expectations.

Precision Machining

Precision Machining is an extremely important area in the manufacturing industry, and it could be said as the backbone of manufacturing in Singapore, as the manufacturing industry accounts for 20-25% of Singapore’s GDP. It is also one of the key areas of expertise for Yaw Ngiap. With years of experience in this area, Yaw Ngiap is a company you can trust for its quality and capability. With a plethora of advanced machinery such as the HAAS ST40L and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to fully replicate what our clients want and produce something that exceeds our clients’ expectations. This is what makes Yaw Ngiap a bar above the rest.

Assembly and Testing

As the ever-changing world has now become more focused on the quality of products produced, testing and having quality checks are of paramount importance to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the outcome. In the past decade, we have assembled machines for projects locally and overseas, where we have tested and ensured the machines are in excellent condition before they are shipped. With our high standards for quality and meticulous QC checks, every product that leaves our assembly and testing line is a product that is ready to be used for the world.

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